Technical specifications:

These pages are optimised for the newest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

The optimal monitor resolution is 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 or more. A smaller resolution is not recommended.


You will find links to the different sections on the main navigation menu at the bottom of the page. If you place the mouse on a field you will see underneath the links to the different pages of the respective section. The button of the corresponding section will turn white. This way you can select each page directly. If you click on a section, the first page of that section is displayed immediately.

On the left of the monitor on all but the first page, you find links to each page of the respective section. The page used by you is marked with an arrow. Links to the other pages in the text are either underlined blue or cursive and underlined.

On a few pages you find a navigation field right at the bottom. With that, you can go directly to the next page, return to the previous page or have the registration form displayed.

With the navigation line at the top left of the screen, you access other pages and the table of contents. Here you will have a brief description on each page.

During your registration you can get additional information using links on the top of the monitor. If you leave the registration form, all information entered until now is lost.


This pages use Java-Script, a special kind of website programming, necessary to display special features. If Java-Script is switched off, we suggest that you reactivate it in order to be able to see all pages as well as possible. To check whether Java-Script is activated, move the mouse on a black navigation field at the bottom of the monitor. If this field doesn't turn white and you don't get additional links, then Java-Script is switched off.

How can you activate Java-Script:

Internet Explorer:

First click on "Extras" and then on "Internet options". Select the card "Security". Under "Adapt" you can make your adjustment.

Mozilla Firefox

Select "Process" and "Adjustment". Click left on "Extended" and afterwards on "Activate Java-Script", so that you get a tick in this field. Confirm this change by clicking on "OK".

If your browser doesn't support Java-Script, you can not use some of the special features. For example it is not possible to see all the explanation windows. The Links of the upper navigation line of the registration form are not working without Java-Script. We recommend then that you print out the instruction before starting the registration process.

The "Return" button at the end of many pages which should bring you to previous pages is not working either without Java-Script. Use instead the "Return" button of your browser.



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