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With Alpha Investor you increase your chance of finding investors by far. We mediate contacts to providers of venture capital worldwide. Our database comprises thousands of potential investors, who are interested in an investment. Each investor has his own ideas, where to invest, what interest he requires and what risks he would like to take. All this information is saved in our database and is updated daily with the latest information. So you can be sure to have access to up-to-date data of thousands of potential partners.

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Find investors for your business or get financing for private purposes. With Alpha Investor you will get in contact with investors, venture capital providers, financing institutes and wealthy individuals and get the opportunity to present your financing request to them.

Alpha Investor is the largest database for investors and investment opportunities.

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Alpha Investor takes your investment application to thousands of potential investors all over the world. Address exactly those companies your project will be interesting for.
Many thousands of persons and companies are willing to finance new business ideas and projects. Most of these investors are listed in our database with all their preferences and profiles. If you enter a project which you need to finance by inestors, we will figure out exactly those investors who could be interested just in your project.
Some investors prefer investments in new technologies and new ideas, others like to finance traditional fields of business. Some investors are seeking high risk investments with very high profit prospects, others want secured and long-term investments. However we will find the right investor who fits exactly to your needs, for a longterm partnership. We have investors for a local individual business to worldwide investment companies for international ventures, from a few hundred dollars to a few million.
So start today and enter your data to the database of Alpha Investor. Your entry will be compared permanently with the inquiries of potential investors and for matching profiles we will send your project to the appropriate companies.
And for investors we offer a wide range of projects out of all fields of business. For investors our service is free of charge.





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